• “Verb Builders” - Ages 4 and up.
    A “Go Fish” game that places an emphasis on the understanding and use of verbs in their various conjugations. By requesting from other players the cards needed to complete a set, the child learns to use the correct verb form, and thus enriches his/her language. The game consists of 12 sets of four cards that are illustrated with various verbs. On each card, the part of the picture that the verb relates to is colored in, so as to differentiate between the various verb forms in each set (for example, washes, is being washed, is washing, is washed). The game can be played at various levels: Those just starting to learn verb conjugation can play the memory game with a subset of the cards, while advanced players can play “Go Fish”.
  • “A Matter of Time” - Ages 3 and up.
    A domino game that focuses on teaching verb tenses (past, present, future) and pronouns (I, you, we, they, etc). The game consists of 30 dominos cards (each of which is color-coded to reflect the verb’s tense) and eight cards representing pronouns. By matching the colorful domino cards, the child experiments using verbs in different tenses, with male/female pronouns, and in singular/plural form.