• “Who Could It Be?” – Ages 4 and up.
    The game consists of 30 cards, divided into two groups as follows:
    • 15 cards with characters on them. The backs of the cards feature descriptions and definitions of the pictures, at two levels of difficulty:
      • Difficulty Level 1: A description of the character’s external appearance, for ages 4 and up.
      • Difficulty Level 2: A description of the character, based on the character’s location and actions, for ages 5 and up.
    • 15 cards that together make up the picture of a classroom with all 15 characters in it.
      During the game, one player describes a character, and the other player locates the character in the completed picture of the classroom, based on the description given. In this way, the players practice describing characters using a variety of characteristics, as well as identifying and differentiating between characters based on the descriptions.
    • Guess Five – Ages 5 and up
    • Guess Five is an enjoyable "Go Fish" game that was developed to teach strategies for improving word retrieval skills. Children learn to define and describe words according to various characteristics, thus improving the storage of these words in their memory and consequently their word retrieval speed and accuracy. During the game, children collect five main characteristics that can be used to describe and define each word: category, use, material, parts, and the initial sound.
      For example, a shirt: belongs to the clothing category; you wear it; it is made of cloth; it has sleeves, a collar, pockets, and buttons; and it begins with "shi".