Language Games

A series of unique language games, which assist the child in acquiring a variety of language skills. The series consists of seven games.

Sagit Cohen, the developer and publisher of these language games, is a speech therapist with an M.A. in Communication Disorders from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Over the course of her many years of work, Sagit specialized in language therapies for children and accumulated a great deal of experience in the field.
In 2003, Sagit started publishing games for children, in which the guiding principle was the acquisition of language in as enjoyable and simple a fashion as possible, in terms of both concept and design.

The series of unique language games was a great success among parents, school teachers, preschool teachers, and paramedical therapists, who reported that the games brought great pleasure to children of a wide range of ages.

Games for acquiring syntactical skills


Games for acquiring grammar skills


Games for acquiring description, differentiation, and auditory memory skills